Waterfall - Fused Glass Wall Panel

'Aasleigh Falls is one of my favourite places nearby to visit.  There's something magical and movie-like about waterfalls. Did you ever as a child imagine a secret cave behind the crashing water?  I did.  That thought of sitting behind a wall of water, outside but still hidden away, holds a romantic charm that I have tried to recreate in this glass panel.  The carefree leaping salmon, the tree-branches lazily draping over the edge, and the flock of birds overhead add to the relaxed feel of this scene.' 


This little piece of Connemara is supplied, ready to wall mount, with its brushed-chrome metal fittings. Full instructions for hanging your panel are supplied.

This panel will be custom made for you.

60cm x 20cm


Shipping of this piece of art glass is not a problem for FedEx! We have used this internationally renowned company to ship pieces like this all over the world on numerous occasions. 

We recommend including our shipping insurance with your purchase, so in the unlikely event of a breakage during transit, you are guaranteed to receive a replacement.

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