'The Tree' - Fused Glass Wall Panel


A recent visit of some friends prompted a visit to Glassilaun beach.  It would be impossible to pick a favourite beach out here, but this definitely makes my top 3.  The views across to Mweelrea mountain in county Mayo are almost as impressive as the distinctive shade of turquoise the water goes when the sun hits it at just the right angle.  I was reminded of a story my parents told me about one of their visits out here.  They were driving "the scenic route" towards Connemara.  A very helpful local farmer asked them why they would want to come all the way out here, as "even the trees were trying to escape".  He was referring to the way the trees out here are shaped by strong west winds, giving them the impression of reaching towards (or away from) something.

This was the inspiration for this wall panel.  I wanted to capture the shades of turquoise, along with the twisty windswept Connemara tree.

60cm x 40cm

Wall fixings (with full instructions) supplied


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