'MagicTown' - Fused Glass Wall Panel

'MagicTown' - Fused Glass Wall Panel

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 You know the feeling... You've been on a ship, long enough to get used to the gentle sway of the ocean.  You step onto land, and realise you are still wearing your sea-legs.  Everything sways, even though you KNOW the ground is solid beneath your feet.

MagicTown shows you a gently swaying town.  The colourful houses and traditional Galway Hooker let you know that THIS is Ireland.  Green, gentle, beautiful, surrounded by ocean, with colourful houses and even more colourful locals.

 This wall panel will be custom made for you.  Should you have any specific alterations you would like, please let us know.


60cm x 40cm

Wall fixings (with full instructions) supplied

You will receive an email with a download link for wall mounting instructions upon ordering.