'John Conneely's Sheep and The Great Divide' - Fused Glass Wall Panel


This wall-mounted glass panel is more properly called 'John Conneely's Sheep and the Great Divide'! The panels I make in this series are all unique, but are loosely based on the view from my bedroom window. My neighbour, John Conneely, keeps sheep in two fields separated by a low stone wall topped with wire. Whichever field they start off in, the crafty sheep seem to spend their entire lives trying to get into the other one - sometimes succeeding. So, in 'John Conneely's Sheep and the Great Divide', his sheep are depicted in their separate fields - but they are clearly conspiring to change that!

Apart from rolling green fields and the stone wall, the panel also features the colourful, little thin houses so often found in Connemara's seaside villages, as well as a Galway Hooker sailing boat. The Hooker, characterised by its single mast and three deep red sails, was the traditional working boat of Galway and Connemara. It transported people, livestock, turf and supplies to, from and between the islands. Of late, the Hooker is experiencing a revival, and superbly renovated examples are frequently seen taking part in regattas here.

This little piece of Connemara is supplied, ready to wall mount, with its brushed-chrome metal fittings. Full instructions for hanging your panel are supplied.

 60cm x 15cm

Worried about shipping?  View the below video to see the lengths we went to, to ensure the very best packaging for our products. All items are shipped via FedEx, with our "if it breaks in transit, we'll replace it" guarantee.



Shipping of this large piece of glass is not a problem for FedEx! We have used this internationally renowned company to ship pieces like this all over the world on a number of previous occasions. We have commissioned special packaging sets for the transport of these panels. Every customer receiving one of these panels has complimented us on the quality and effectiveness of our packing.

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