'Atlantic Bubbles' - Fused Glass Wall Panel

'Atlantic Bubbles' - Fused Glass Wall Panel

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This 60 x 60cm (24” x 24”) piece reminds us of Atlantic foam, as you might see in the wake of one of the small island ferries - for example the Island Discovery that makes the daily journey between Cleggan harbour and Inishbofin, or to and from the Aran Islands. These ferries are a vital lifeline for the islanders and are much appreciated by visitors.

Atlantic Bubbles was produced using a process we have developed here at Connemara Blue - and which we love to employ. We call it the ‘bubble technique’.

The distinctive, large spaces in the glass are formed during its initial phase of production, its first kiln firing. These spaces are created by a combination of particular kiln temperatures and by firing the glass upon a special kiln shelf. While molten, the glass forms a series of huge bubbles. These erupt in numerous places in a completely random fashion.

It is the random nature of this particular process that appeals to us the most. In almost every other respect, the outcomes of kiln-formed glass-making are highly controlled and fairly predictable.

Through experience, we are used to the characteristics of the glass and the behaviour of the kiln. With this knowledge, most results can be produced - and reproduced - quite reliably.

Indeed, the aspiration of most glassmakers is to eliminate - or at least reduce - the number of bubbles formed in the glass while in the kiln.

The ‘bubble technique’ deliberately embraces the formation of bubbles and positively encourages them. Consequently, all previously relied-upon assumptions need to be discarded. We enter into production with a concept, but we never really know for certain how the piece will turn out, and can only hope the results are pleasing.

After firing, the glass is extensively cold-worked. This involves grinding away the resultant sharpness of burst bubbles. An intensive and painstaking procedure, this is essential to make the piece safe for hanging. Subsequent firings remove all traces of the cold-working and leave the piece smooth and shiny.


60cm x 60cm

Wall fixings (with full instructions) supplied

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