Meet the Artists

Ben Crow - Proprietor, Glass Artist & Mentor

My introduction to working with glass was at a weekend 'come-and-have-a-go' session. From the very first moment I put the cutter to the glass I knew that I'd found something special.

Some years - and a few courses and lots of on-the-job learning later - I'm still enthralled by the magic that takes place when this cold, sharp, brittle and unforgiving material is fired in the kiln. It comes out transformed - sometimes into frozen fluid lakes of pure colour, other times like juicy boiled sweets or wine gums.

I find the gentle curves, flowing lines and varying colours of the Connemara landscape enjoyable to represent in glass, especially in larger pieces.
While the predominant colours of Connemara are green and brown, there is also a need to represent the colour blue. The infinite blues of the sky, rivers, lakes and sea are the reason we call our work Connemara Blue.

You can also see 'Amy', our golden retriever puppy who, when the photo was taken, was just 13 weeks old!




Wendy Debrock-Jeffries - Fused Glass Artist 

Wendy joined the team in 2013.  Originally from Belgium, she moved to Ireland in 2000, and has a background in art and languages.
She learned, and is still learning, the art of glass fusing from Ben Crow. 
Wendy's designs range from complex bowls like 'gridlock', to quirky wall panels, like 'MagicTown'.
Her 'Connemara Scenes' collection, inspired by local iconic landmarks,  has proved particularly popular.