Meet the Team

Ben Crow - Proprietor & Glass Maker 

My introduction to working with glass was at a weekend 'come-and-have-a-go' session. From the very first moment I put the cutter to the glass I knew that I'd found something special.

Some years - and a few courses and lots of on-the-job learning later - I'm still enthralled by the magic that takes place when this cold, sharp, brittle and unforgiving material is fired in the kiln. It comes out transformed - sometimes into frozen fluid lakes of pure colour, other times like juicy boiled sweets or wine gums.

I find the gentle curves, flowing lines and varying colours of the Connemara landscape enjoyable to represent in glass, especially in larger pieces.
While the predominant colours of Connemara are green and brown, there is also a need to represent the colour blue. The infinite blues of the sky, rivers, lakes and sea are the reason we call our work Connemara Blue.

You can also see 'Amy', our golden retriever puppy who, when the photo was taken, was just 13 weeks old!




Wendy Debrock-Jeffries - Fused Glass and Jewellery Artist 

I am an enthusiastic fused glass and jewellery artist. Ever since childhood I have enjoyed learning new and different creative skills, 
including bobbin lace making, miniature painting, and photography.

I love all things unusual, so in my work I try to combine the different crafts and techniques I have learned with each other, hoping to achieve something truly unique.

My current jewellery designs include miniature glass landscape pendants, and sterling silver wire-wrapped fused glass pendants, among others.

My fused glass pieces are usually inspired by animals, plants and flowers, or children's games. 




Claire Lee - Fused Glass Artist

Claire joined the Connemara Blue Team in 2015.  Her experience with textiles and mixed media have given her an amazing eye for colour and detail, which translate very well into glass.

Claire's most popular pieces are her 'Bird on a Wire' plates, coasters and suncatchers, incorporating copper wire between two layers of glass, with black birds sitting on the wire.

Her larger pieces are often centred around children's stories.



Timea Varga - Fused Glass Artist

Timea loves working in a mosaic style, and often uses designs inspired by her homeland, Hungary.   She tends to work in a soft pastel colour palette, and loves floral  or butterfly themes as well as more abstract designs.  Her love of all things sparkly can be seen throughout all her work!

Timea recently started making fused glass pendants, and now has a wide range of colourful necklaces available.

Her latest collection of plates include copper foil shadow images, which are very striking.

Annett Furniss - Volunteer Glass Artist

Annett's most iconic pieces are her tree-scapes.  She forms the trunks of the trees with copper sheet, trapped between two layers of glass.
By adding sprinklings of small fragments of glass behind, between and on top of the two layers of glass she creates a wonderful 3D effect, finished off with small smooth glass pebbles for a delightfully textured finish. 

Annett also likes experimenting with the reactive properties of glass.  Combining certain colours of glass can create some stunning special effects.