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'Nellie the Elephant' - Fused Glass Wall Panel

This playful and exuberant fused glass wall panel by Claire is inspired by Mandy Miller's 1956 song 'Nellie the Elephant'. Whilst you might think the flight of Nellie to be just the stuff of a children's song, an elephant called 'Baby' did indeed pack his trunk and say goodbye to the circus in County Cork back in 2012. Fortunately, the people innocently relaxing in the coffee shop where Baby was halted in his flight, were only marginally traumatised by his escapades.  

Combining a vivid array of colours and set against a lush backdrop of rolling green meadows and hills, Nellie and the circus are captured here in intricate glass detail. This unique and show-stopping wall panel would make a superb gift for anyone who loves elephants, or a bold interior design statement. Handmade by Connemara Blue.


60cm x 40cm (approx)

Wall fixings (with full instructions) included


Shipping of this piece of art glass is not a problem for FedEx! We have used this internationally renowned company to ship pieces like this all over the world on numerous occasions. 

We recommend including our shipping insurance with your purchase, so in the unlikely event of a breakage during transit, you are guaranteed to receive a replacement.

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