Connemara Streams

'Riverside' - 40cm Fused Glass Bowl

Inspired by the many streams and waterfalls in Connemara. 

No matter where you go in Connemara, there are countless small streams and waterfalls to be found.  A photographer’s paradise, the ever-changing weather gives us every shade of blue imaginable.  From deep cobalt to subtle aqua, warm turquoise and silvery highlights.

This fused glass collection offers a memory of the sound of streams rushing over rocks and down mountainsides.  In heavy rains these waters are almost wild, carving their way through the landscape.  On sunnier days, they offer a soothing symphony to accompany your leisurely strolls. Handmade by Connemara Blue.


40cm diameter (approx)

Food safe

Dishwasher not advised 


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