Connemara Scenes

'Killary Fairy Tree' - Fused Glass Plate

'Fairy trees' sound magical don't they? That's because local people believed the hawthorn trees to be fairy trees and so asked for blessings, symbolising these by tying ribbons or strips of colourful cloth to the branches. The fairy tree has some standing in Irish mythology, with stories of new roads being built around such trees to avoid them being cut down and bringing bad luck. The power of nature indeed!

This striking designer handmade plate perfectly captures the magic of the fairy tree, detailing the windswept arboreal forms so characteristic of the local landscape and offsetting them against emerald green meadows, lush blue skies and solid dry stone walls. If you are looking for a unique fused glass gift or decorative piece for the home, this folkloric piece is perfect. Team it with 'Windswept Tree' for an even bolder statement. Handmade by Connemara Blue.


30cm x 30cm shallow square plate

Food safe

Dishwasher not advised

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