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"How do you do that?"

All sorts of people ask all sorts of questions. They range from, “is this plastic?” (no, it isn’t) through, “do you paint the colour on afterwards?” (no, we use coloured glass), to “how do you squish it into shape?” (is ‘squishing’ even a word?!)

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Re-vamping the workshop

  With Ben and Pauline out of the country this week, and Clifden still in the post-Christmas turkey-coma, this is the perfect week to re-vamp the Connemara Blue workshop. As we are now three glass-workers (I would say artists, but I know how Ben despises the word), a little more space and organisation were called for. While I, admittedly, am sticking mainly to the admin side of things, Joseph is stripping the workshop of... well... pretty much everything.  Every cabinet, shelf, and table has been removed, and beautiful new worktops and shelves are popping up faster than I can count.     I am sitting in the office sipping my favourite tea (Twinnings Orange and Lotusflower green tea, if you...

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