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“What’s a Loonyoula?”, he asked…

This is the first question I asked Pam and Mark O’Loughlin Doyle as they stood gaping, open mouthed, at my obvious incomprehension. They had just asked me, “Can you make a gold loonyoula in glass for us?” To be fair, the term did stir some long-since dormant neurons of mine into half opening an eye of recognition. The word is actually - and everyone reading this will be nodding sagely while facially expressing their pity and disdain at my appalling lack of general knowledge – “lunula” (the fact that it’s pronounced phonetically as ‘loon-you-la’ and NOT ‘loonoola’ is, at this point, entirely academic). That scintilla of forgotten knowledge was to play a very significant part in my glassmaking for the...

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Operation 'Let's Get Spooked Up'

Operation Let's Get Spooked Up (a tale about a man turning to the dark side)   Can you ever be too old to get ‘in the spirit?’ Apparently not…   For the first time ever, Halloween has broomstick landed at Connemara Blue. And it’s well and truly landed. The significance of this will not be clear to anyone apart from those who know Ben Crow really well, and I mean really well. As his daughter, I feel suitably qualified to comment.   Up until now, Halloween has always been dismissed domestically as a nuisance that happens every year. It’s a time to close the doors and hide in the hope that no trick or treat shenanigans should interrupt the evening’s televisual...

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"How do you do that?"

All sorts of people ask all sorts of questions. They range from, “is this plastic?” (no, it isn’t) through, “do you paint the colour on afterwards?” (no, we use coloured glass), to “how do you squish it into shape?” (is ‘squishing’ even a word?!)

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