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"How do you do that?"

All sorts of people ask all sorts of questions. They range from, “is this plastic?” (no, it isn’t) through, “do you paint the colour on afterwards?” (no, we use coloured glass), to “how do you squish it into shape?” (is ‘squishing’ even a word?!)

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The Mondrian Collection, new at Connemara Blue

    inspired by the art of Piet Mondrian   Piet Mondrian 1872-1944 Pieter Cornelis "Piet" Mondriaan (after 1906 he signed his work spelled ‘Mondrian’) was a Dutch pioneer of abstract art. His paintings developed from early landscape pictures to geometric abstract works. Mondrian was born in Amersfoort, Utrecht and studied painting at the Amsterdam Academy 1892-4, and again in 1896-7. His friendship with the painter, Simon Mans led to painted landscapes in the Hague School tradition. Mondrian then began to work in a more vividly coloured and sometimes pointillist style in 1908. He lived in Paris from 1912 to 1914, where was influenced by Cubism. Mondrian returned to Holland in 1914 and gradually evolved a more simplified abstract style which...

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Will you be a "Wiggler" in 2014?

I was driving home from the shop just before Christmas when I noticed a clutch of shiny new signs by the roadside. Now, I'd already heard that the people who look after such things had been causing a bit of a kerfuffle locally. Lots of new shiny directional signs were going to be put up, I'd learned, to help confused visitors find their un-satnav'd (listed in my dictionary of makey-uppey-words) way around our beautiful countryside. As an aside, I'd also been told that a number of businesses were more than a bit miffed by the fact that the pay-off was to be the removal of all those (some say) unsightly - and (in many cases) illegal - brown 'local attraction' finger-boards that point...

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Re-vamping the workshop

  With Ben and Pauline out of the country this week, and Clifden still in the post-Christmas turkey-coma, this is the perfect week to re-vamp the Connemara Blue workshop. As we are now three glass-workers (I would say artists, but I know how Ben despises the word), a little more space and organisation were called for. While I, admittedly, am sticking mainly to the admin side of things, Joseph is stripping the workshop of... well... pretty much everything.  Every cabinet, shelf, and table has been removed, and beautiful new worktops and shelves are popping up faster than I can count.     I am sitting in the office sipping my favourite tea (Twinnings Orange and Lotusflower green tea, if you...

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

especially here at Connemara Blue! Over the last month we have been fine-tuning our plan to turn the shop into a Christmas experience with a difference. We started with what we thought was a simple idea: divide the shop into one part Winter Wonderland and one part warm and colourful.  When I think of the Christmas Season I don't just think of crisp snowy landscapes and Winter walks, I also think of open fires, bright colourful Christmas lights, warm woolly scarves and very red noses! We started, of course, with designing the glass pieces we felt we would like to decorate our houses with ourselves.  For the Winter Wonderland Range we decided to only use whites, silvers, and pearly colours....

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