Our Christmas Window 2017

November 30, 2017 0 Comments

Our Christmas Window 2017

For our Christmas window this year we decided to recreate a typical "Christmas in Clifden" timeline.

connemara blue handcrafted glass

After some discussion, we decided making our selected businesses out of wood would give the desired effect.  We wanted to focus on adding in as much detail as possible, and making a design sturdy enough to use again.

We sketched out our initial design around the start of November, deciding we could fit 13 businesses over our two windows.  Ben measured both windows and allocated space for each of the buildings, then started work on building each business out of plywood.


Wendy used acrylic paints to mix the colours for each business (mostly tester pots from O'Dowd's hardware store, which proved to offer amazing coverage!).  Working from photos of each business, we tried to replicate the colours and signage as closely as possible.   Once construction and basic painting was completed, we added the street, painted in all the cobblestones, then started work on adding small details.

We added a parking meter, bank-robber, tidy towns planted trees, and chairs and tables.  And of course Ben's purple beetle :D  Jonathan at All Things Connemara kindly volunteered to dress up in his Fairy Master harlequin suit for some photos too!
All the windows are made out of glass, then Ben added Christmas lights inside the houses.
A final sprinkle of snow, and we're all set for Christmas :)

We hope everyone has a fantastic end of year, and all the best for 2018!