Hiking with glass in Connemara

February 27, 2019

hiking with glass in Connemara

hiking with fused glass

Visitors to our gallery often ask where we get our inspiration. Our answer hasn't changed since 2012.  The Connemara area provides all the inspiration we need.  

We are lucky enough to live and work in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  This last week we have spent some time photographing our glass pieces in the places that inspired them.

Taking the roads less traveled, carefully making our way across rocks and bog-land, and crossing the odd stream, it feels almost poetic.  

Today we chose Mám Éan as our destination again. On our last trip, see our previous blog-post here, it was a rather wet day.  Today, we had  beautifully bright sunshine.

Elizabeth rightly pointed out that it doesn't matter how many times you return, the ever-changing weather makes everything look magically new and different every time.

As romantic as it sounds, and as the photos make these trips look, getting that perfect shot is never as easy as it looks.  Hiking boots and hiking sticks at the ready, glass carefully balanced under one arm, and a camera slung over our back, we carefully made our way along (and into) streams for that perfect shot.  The last thing we wanted was any broken pieces!

fused glass plate connemara


The waterfall in the image above is in the Inagh Valley.  It had caught my attention on our previous trip, but we passed it by as we had another location in mind.  Today, I made a point of stopping here.  It wasn't easy to get to, and involved carefully passing glass and camera along after I had found a safe spot to stand to take this shot.  For our Connemara streams collection, we obviously wanted images that involved water :)  The aventurine blue swirls we chose for these pieces has a wonderful glittery quality to it, which reminds us of the shimmering reflections in streams and waterfalls.

fused glass plate connemara

The above little trinket dish is one of the smaller pieces in our Killary Fjord Collection.  At 12x12cm, it makes a lovely small gift for a loved one, or a great souvenir that fits easily into your luggage.

It is so easy when photographing our glass to focus on the larger pieces, and overlook the smaller ones.  When hiking, these small ones are a blessing :D

We intend to tackle Ben's Crackle Collection on our next 'hiking with glass' trip.  Stay tuned!

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