Happy virtual St Patrick's Day!

March 17, 2020

Happy virtual St Patrick's Day!

It is in times of challenge that we are at our strongest.  With the global pandemic raging, there is a sense of uncertainty all around.  Between social media, the tabloid press, the lockdown of businesses leading to a sharp rise in unemployment, it is sometimes hard to still see the good.  But it is out there.

It is great to see businesses coming up with innovative ideas to help the vulnerable.  Restaurants offering free hot meal delivery, supermarkets reserving certain shopping hours for the elderly, doctors and nurses working overtime, local gardai ensuring there are no large public gatherings, musicians hosting online streaming St Patrick's Day gigs, schools organising home schooling help, and so much more.

Here at Connemara Blue we have followed advice and have closed our doors for a while, but behind the closed doors we are still a hive of activity.  We are taking the quiet time to design our next collections, experiment with new techniques, and a little DIY.

It is important in times like this to keep a positive outlook.  Things WILL get better. It can't rain all the time (although it does try hard, out here).  

I hope that, when this is all over and things go back to normal, we can all look back on this time as the time we all pulled together and looked after each other.  Social media is full of finger-pointing and scaremongering.  Let's change that and make it all about support and lifting spirits.

On that note, here's a happy St Patrick's Day from the Connemara Blue Team!


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