Operation 'Let's Get Spooked Up'

October 21, 2019

Operation 'Let's Get Spooked Up'

Operation Let's Get Spooked Up (a tale about a man turning to the dark side)


Can you ever be too old to get ‘in the spirit?’ Apparently not…


For the first time ever, Halloween has broomstick landed at Connemara Blue. And it’s well and truly landed. The significance of this will not be clear to anyone apart from those who know Ben Crow really well, and I mean really well. As his daughter, I feel suitably qualified to comment.


Up until now, Halloween has always been dismissed domestically as a nuisance that happens every year. It’s a time to close the doors and hide in the hope that no trick or treat shenanigans should interrupt the evening’s televisual schedule. The very thought of decorating the house with all things sinister was anathema. It was bad enough that this had to be done at Christmas. Well that’s not quite true, actually. But therein lies another story (watch this space).


So you can imagine my huge surprise when my normally Halloween-averse dad jumped whole-heartedly into the fused glass fest instigated this October by Wendy and me, when mum and dad were not about town. In the twitch of a cat’s eye, an innocent ‘let’s make some Halloween decorations’ chat over soup and rolls evolved into operation Let’s Get Spooked Up. A twisted theme was born and within hours our first batch of decorations emerged in all its horrific glory from the depths of the Connemara Blue kilns of flame.

A Dracula Sheep hanging decorationA Zombie sheep hanging decorationA spider sheep hanging decoration

Welcome our flock of ‘sheep gone bad’, a truly terrifying group of gangsters. From the carnivorous ‘Dracula’ and ‘Zombie’ sheep to the arachnophobe’s worst nightmare ‘Spider’ sheep, these devious characters have truly shaken up the shop. They have galvanised the Management into serious Halloween action, involving not just the ‘safe’ workshop-based manufacture of hanging glass decorations, but also the ‘daring’ physical international sourcing of suitable accessories. Yes, accessories. In shops. In another country. As in the old-fashioned bricks-and-mortar type of thing, when one actually sets foot in a store to find the specific spooky thing one didn’t know one needed.


And there was dad, doing all of this. For Halloween. In England. A quick peruse of one ‘grocery’ shop receipt reveals the extent to which he has become gripped by Halloween fever. The list makes for interesting reading. Here is a selection of items from this so-called ‘grocery’ shop: ‘Halloween Raven’ (3), ‘Halloween Grey Creep’ (1), ‘Halloween Orange Cobweb’ (2), ‘Halloween White Cobweb’ (2), ‘Halloween Glitter’ (1), (who knew that glitter was even appropriate?), ‘Halloween Neon Spooky’ (1), ‘Halloween Medium Costume’ (4), and, nestling right there in the middle of this non-edible, non life-sustaining litany, a tin of well-known brand ‘Peas’ and a ‘Pet Toy’. Total spend £116.30.


Searching for a cauldronFurthermore, the quest for the sourcing of a proportionally-appropriate cauldron for one of the shop’s window displays became one demanding stamina and grit. And one that ultimately came to a far from simmering end. It’s a fact. A small mug-sized cauldron cannot be purchased anywhere. Not even in one of the biggest shopping paradises in England. But I have to hand it to dad. He tried. And he made the effort for Halloween. It would seem that you can teach (or lead) a dog (to) new tricks. That you are never too old to ‘get in the spirit’.


Now let’s see if one of those ‘Halloween Medium Costumes (4)’ is for him …

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