Re-vamping the workshop



With Ben and Pauline out of the country this week, and Clifden still in the post-Christmas turkey-coma, this is the perfect week to re-vamp the Connemara Blue workshop. As we are now three glass-workers (I would say artists, but I know how Ben despises the word), a little more space and organisation were called for. While I, admittedly, am sticking mainly to the admin side of things, Joseph is stripping the workshop of... well... pretty much everything.  Every cabinet, shelf, and table has been removed, and beautiful new worktops and shelves are popping up faster than I can count.




I am sitting in the office sipping my favourite tea (Twinnings Orange and Lotusflower green tea, if you must know) from my newly acquired mug, and thinking about how much I love the smell of sawdust.  It's like... freshly cut grass, it smells of something new. The "big job" hasn't been without its challenges.  Firstly, we believe the building's architect may have come up with his plans after enjoying a few Irish coffees.  What at first glance looks like a simple rectangular room, is actually anything but.  Not one of the 4 corners is at a 90° angle, and not one of the walls follows a straight line.   Only Joseph can make building a fitted workspace in an odd-shaped room look easy! Secondly, we're like Goldilocks' three bears!   Papa-bear Ben likes his worktops high.  Joseph likes them a little lower, and, as I am the shortest, I like my worktops low.  Pauline "Goldilocks" shop-fairy is adamant about needing a wrapping-station that does not get buried under glass when she's not looking. So, Joseph is building us each our own workbench, and Pauline will be delighted with the wrapping-station on wheels! The progress this week is amazing, and I am looking forward to seeing the end-result and to get back to more glass-work.  The above work in progress photo is the last photo that Ben and Pauline have seen, and we will not be posting any more until they have seen it in person.  We love surprises!

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