From Trick or Treat to Toys and Tantrums October 31 2013

Pumpkin This blog is, I would like to hereby declare, a Halloween-free zone. There are, I think, sufficient spooks, ghouls, skeletons and witches, etc around in Clifden at present without Connemara Blue adding to their number in this space. That said, we DO, however, have a couple of pumpkins in the hallway (we never did quite get round to carving them, despite the best intentions...) and we also have a few pot plants around that have curiously orange, lantern-shaped flower heads. But that really is the extent of Halloween at Connemara Blue.

That is, of course, until you look at the faces of the half-term hyped-up children around town! You can't help but feel the palpable anticipation of their excitement-to-come this evening. They're thronging Supervalu's checkouts, pulling at parents' sleeves with hopeful faces while clutching smuggled 'extras': A monster mask, a ghoul-white red-veined zombie's dismembered hand or a witch's broom and hat - all have acquired the urgency of a transplant heart en-route to patient. Mums often withstand the pleading onslaught (dads rarely so) but the trick-or-treat route is planned, the flashlights primed and goodie-bags procured. The excitement dial is set to max!

You can't help getting caught up in it - it's rare these days to see children (of all ages) just being... well, children. So, the event may involve the purchase of pester-power plastic paraphernalia - but so what? If all the tat that surrounds the celebration of a barely understood festival helps today's tech-obsessed kids to regress for just a while - isn't that something worth celebrating? Meanwhile, back at Connemara Blue, we're making plans for quite a different festival. Our ideas for Christmas are starting to materialize. We're making lovely Christmas decorations for the tree and some new glass designs for gifts.Our brains know it's too early, but our hearts can't wait for our own regression to start. We just LOVE Christmas!