October in the Workshop October 19 2013

This is the time of year where we have time to get really creative.  The Summer Season is over, and the Christmas chaos hasn't quite arrived yet. Pillar Drill Ben is playing with his new pillar drill, making holes in flattened bottles  to put clock mechanisms through.  Our bottle clocks have been flying out the door this Summer, so we are stocking up, while coming up with new ideas for the glass Christmas tree ornaments we are planning. The new drill has made drilling holes into glass so much faster and more precise. For Christmas we will have a selection of glass tree decorations.  Our facebook friends have been giving us some great ideas which we hope to work with.  You can read them, or add to them, here. As always, each piece will be designed and handmade here in our workshop in Clifden. We are also "secretly" working on our Winter Window Display, which this year will incorporate the whole shop, not just the window.  We're giving nothing away though!  You'll have to wait and see!